Nach Swiss, with love

Everybody knows ( I guess ) that the best travels are waiting for you when you really do not even think about it. When you are home, relaxed and out of the blue just one call changes your un/planned next future. When you are jumping out from your cosy sofa and starting preparing your luggages, getting ready for your next travel adventure is right there, waiting for you. Calling you. 
I had never been to Switzerland before. Neither to the Italian Switzerland, nor to the French one. 
And just to start I would visit the German Suiss, on my very first travel on the road my cousin, my best travel companion and I would be up to. It would be my funniest trip ever . And best trips are always unplanned

Enjoy this video through

2 Countries – 9 cities in 7 days

Schaffausen|Neuhausen am Rheinfall|Stein am Rhein|Konstanz am Bodensee|Singen|Zurich|Luzern|Freiburg|Baar (Bern)




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