Homesickness & Wanderlust… nice how a plane can trigger both

It's nice how a plane can trigger both

Who doesn’t feel those two at the same time flying over oceans and lands while getting back home?! That would be easily my hero.

That is the right messed up feeling you have when your trip, holiday, travel experience, job experience, whatever comes to the end. And the habits come back to your life. That routine you have been missing so much, maybe for so long, comes back to you. And you do not want it back. Not now.
So what?

Make another plan and leave again. Find your place. Find yourself. Find your truth. Just go. And feel free at your best. Make decisions that set you free from any kind of convention, doubt. If you feel it, do it. Do not struggle yourself, just to please somebody else. Just please you.

And find your happiness. If it means travel, then there it is. Your answer to any kind of questions. Wanderers are wild. Strong. They must be free. Happy. Wanderers leave. They are world passionate. And the world is passionate to them, too.


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